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Automation Scene List

The following functions are available for each Scene row using the columns of the Scene List:

The final column in the Scene List is used for editing the List itself. To delete, move or copy+paste Scenes:

Enable the Edit function by touching the Edit button (near the top right corner of the screen);

Touch the round Edit indicator at the end of a row to select the scene. The indicator will go red to indicate that its row is being edited.

Multiple scenes (rows) can be selected. All scenes can be selected by touching the Edit label itself.

The three edit functions listed below the Edit button will now be available: Del (Delete), Move and Copy.

To delete Scenes, touch their Edit indicators so that they go red, then press & hold the Del button.

Scene deletion cannot be undone without reloading your showfile.
The Active Scene cannot be deleted.

To move Scenes, touch their Edit indicators so that they go red;

Touch the Move button – it will go blue to indicate that it is active;

Now touch the Scene which is in the position you wish to put the Moved Scene(s). The Scenes will be placed above the Scene you touched.

The Scenes will move to the new location. The other Scenes will move to close up any gaps.

To copy Scenes, touch their Edit indicators so that they go red;

Touch the Copy button – it will go blue and become a Paste button.

Now touch the Scene which is in the position you wish to paste the new Scenes.

The Scenes will be duplicated at the new location, with the word Copy appended to their names. The other Scenes will move to create space for them.

You can rename the copied Scenes in the usual way (See Scene Names and Notes).

Scene ID

Scene ID is for display purposes only and serve no operational purpose within the software. The Auto ID button (in the right side of the Detail Display when the ID column is selected) defines what happens to ID numbers when the Scene list is re-arranged:

Renumber Scenes with Tap

Please note: Auto ID must be off to use this feature.

Tapping on the column header for the ID column enables renumbering Scenes with a tap. The user can now tap on the scenes in the correct order to renumber them. Ie the first scene tapped will receive number 1 and the second number 2 etc. Pressing and holding Reorder List will now reorder the scenes so they are in the order that you tapped them in.

Please note:
If two scenes are given the same number, the console will retain their relative positions against each other. For example if "Interlude" and "My Song" scenes appeared in that order in the scene list, and they were subsequently both manually numbered with scene number 1, "Interlude" would be first, and "My Song" would be second. But both scenes would retain the scene number 1.

Manual Scene Numbering

Scenes can be numbered manually by double tapping on the scene number in the Scene Detail View.

Scene Lock

There is a padlock for each scene, which makes that scene read only and it cannot be edited.

With Edit engaged, tap on the corresponding padlock for the scene you wish to lock. The padlock will lock.

This scene is now read only. It cannot be edited and when it is fired, the Store button will be disabled.

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