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Naming and Adding Notes to Scenes

To name a scene, touch its row in the scene list (in MENU > Automation) so that it appears in the detail dialogue below the list;

If the detail area is not shown, press the Show Details button at the top of the page.

Double-tap the current name (in the black box, preceded by the ID number) to open up a keyboard;

Enter the new name and press OK to apply it. Touch the red X in the top right of the keyboard to cancel and revert to the previous name.

The Next and Prev buttons on the keyboard popup (Tab and Shift+Tab respectively if using a USB keyboard) allow quick scrolling through scenes without having to close and re-open the keyboard between each scene.

Scene Notes

You may write scene-specific notes to remind you of any pertinent details.

Notes are typed and viewed in the detail dialogue:

Touch the Scene Name column for the required scene. The scene name detail dialogue will open in the bottom half of the screen.

Note: To navigate from a different configuration page, touch the Scene Name button in the left of the screen.

Double-tap inside the text area which appears beneath the black scene name box to open up a keyboard;

Type the notes using a USB or on-screen keyboard and touch OK when finished.

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