Effects Rack Overview

To name the slot, simply double tap on the effect name and use the popup keyboard to enter your own name. These names will be displayed in the Routing pages when routing to or from the Effects Rack, to facilitate routing the correct effect. Note that only slots with effects loaded can be named.

Note: The module controls in the left side of the FX Detail dialogue can also be used to populate and name the currently selected slot. Note: The Recent submenu gives you quick access to the 10 last used effect modules (including format) for adding multiple instances of the same effect.

The DSP usage indicators in the lower left of the screen provide a visual indication of the amount of processing currently in use:

Note: For mono, stereo, LCR, 4.0 and 5.1 effects, the format of the effect module should match the format of the channel into which it is inserted. To route all legs of the effect, simply select the module name and press Make in the routing page. Explicitly selecting the L/C/R leg before pressing Make will only route the leg selected.

Routing can also be done from the Effects Rack slot itself. Use the In Route, Out Route and Key Route buttons to open up the appropriate routing pages. This method also allows effects modules to be 'daisy-chained' by routing out of one module and in to another before routing the last module back to a channel.
If routing a single effect to and from an Insert point, make the input route then press & hold the Out Route button and select the Auto-route Output option to route the output of the effect to the same Insert point.

Note: If inserting daisy-chained effects modules into a channel Insert point, only the last module in the chain will appear in the channel's Insert page.

See Tutorial: Routing for more information on the routing pages.

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