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Reverb Effects

Degenerative Reverb

This is a standard reverb which allows you to exaggerate the rate at which the signal degenerates into noise.

Gated Reverb

This is a non-linear reverb where you can gate the tail of the decay.

Size Emulates the size of the room, altering the quantity and speed of the reflections.

Diffusion affects how quickly the early reflections get absorbed into the smooth reverb curve.

Colour alters the harmonic colour of the reflections, to emulate the materials the sound might be bouncing off.


The ER (Early Reflections) Reverb has 5 different algorithms, with different size and surface characteristics: Ambient, Tight, Recording Room, Stadium and Cathedral.

Each module has two pages, toggled using the ER Control button.

The main page provides standard room simulation controls such as Pre-Delay, Decay and the ratio between early reflections and reverb tail (ER : Rev);

The ER Control page is for early reflection parameters such as Density and Damping controls.


A multi-purpose reverb unit which is simple to use, specifically designed for live situations.

Plate Reverb

This unit simply emulates a classic plate reverb.

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