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Quick Controls

Quick controls are the physical encoder & three buttons at the top of each Fader Tile. These controls provide quick access to input gain, trim, & route displays, signal processing, sends, pan, and VCA and mute group assignment. Their soft function is always displayed at the bottom of the main screen channel view.

Quick Controls can also be cycled through directly on the tile using the Fader Tile's up/down arrows.


To assign a function to the Quick Controls, touch one of the assigner buttons on the main screen:

Note: Not all buttons will be active for all paths. For example, Auxes do not send to Stems.

The top block of the channel strip displays Digital Trim in blue or Analogue Gain in red, depending on which parameter was last selected to the input Quick Controls.

When selecting MG, VCA, Master, Stem or Aux, the precise bus or group you want to access needs to be selected from the individual 'selectors' that appear above the assigner buttons.

Lock on the right of the main screen defines what happens when a selector is touched:

The up/down arrows on each Fader Tile can be used to scroll through the Quick Controls, indicated in the scribble display to the right.

Holding the Up arrow will jump to Input for gain/trim adjustments. Holding the Down arrow will jump to Pan.

When the Quick Controls are assigned to sends, VCA's, or mute groups, the Enter button switches whether up/down scrolls the function 'assigners' (Aux, EQ, etc.) or the group/send 'selectors' (Aux 1, Aux 2, etc.).

Holding up or down when Enter is active will jump the group/send selectors in blocks of eight for quick navigation through large lists.

Quick Controls are altered via the main screen or the Fader Tile. To rotate on-screen encoders, drag up/right or down/left.

There may be multiple pages of Quick Controls per function; these pages can be cycled by pressing any physical quick encoder, or double-tapping the on-screen encoder.

For example, input Quick Controls can toggle between analogue gain, digital trim, or route information. EQ Quick Controls will cycle through the four bands and filters. Dynamics toggles between compressor or gate, and so on...

The switches are used to switch states of a parameter or to assign functions to the encoder. To view the way specific functions are assigned to the Quick Controls, please go to that function's page within the SSL Live Help System.

Note: The Fader Tile Flip button 'flips' the quick encoder function onto the fader, and the fader function is assigned to the quick encoder. This is great for building sends quickly on faders.

Above the screen Quick Controls is the quick display, which displays information about whatever is being adjusted. Double-tapping the Quick display opens up the channel detail dialogue, where more detailed parameters can be adjusted.

The assigner button LED indicates status:
Note: When the Detail View is open, the Quick Controls on the tile below the screen can be used with their corresponding faders on the tile (Follow Detail off). Or all of the Quick Controls can be used to control multiple parameters of the same Effect of the selected path (Follow Detail on).

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