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VCA Groups

VCA groups can be used to control the fader level and mute status of a number of channels simultaneously. VCA 'channels' don't pass any audio; they are simply controllers for any audio channels assigned to them.

Locate the VCA faders in your User Layers: you'll notice that VCA fader strips are significantly simpler than those of audio channels. In place of the 'Meter' area towards the top of the channel strip, there is a display of all channels which are included within that VCA, ordered by channel type.

Assigning Paths to VCA Groups

You can use the Quick Controls to add channels to VCAs:

In the channel to be added to the VCA, select the VCA Assign button, then touch the appropriate VCA Selector to assign it to the Quick Controls:

The upper Quick Control switch can be used to add or remove the channel to or from that VCA– the number area of the VCA Selector will go green.

Now, if you move the VCA fader, you will notice the channel's own gain value will also change, as shown in the channel's label screen.

- VCAs do not change the fader positions of the channels they control; only their gain value is changed.
- VCAs can be part of Mute Groups.
- Channels can also be added to VCAs from their Detail dialogue and Focus Screen.
- Soloing a VCA will solo all channels controlled by that VCA group.

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