Definition: Talkback allows a sound engineer to talk to other locations in the venue, such as artist foldbacks or other members of the technical or production teams, using a microphone at the console.

There are two Talkback paths, each with two inputs and two types of output, catering for a wide variety of modes of operation. The two Talkback buses allow you to run two independent Talkback systems serving different purposes. Both Talkback buses have full in-channel signal processing.

Basic Talkback control is available in the Talkback area in the top right corner of the Master Tile (shown right):

Turn the TB1 and TB2 encoders to change the fader level of the Talkback channels;

Press the encoders to mute the Talkback channels.

Note: The two inputs to each Talkback channel are routed and activated using a standard Routing display accessed from within the channel's Detail dialogue. By default, the Talkback sockets under the arm rest are routed to input 1 on both buses (left to TB1, right to TB2). The console's signal generator is routed to input 2 but switched out of circuit.

See the output and communications reference talback section for details.

The two Talkback output types are as follows:

Main Talkback Output

The main Talkback output (see left) is used to feed remote speakers or headphones which may not have any other audio routed to it, such as a backstage cue speaker or another engineer's headphones.

The main Talkback Outputs are switched on and off using the OUT 1 and OUT 2 buttons in the Master Tile's Talkback area.

Note: If you hold an OUT button down it will switch off when you lift your finger; if you press it and don't hold it, it will stay on until you press it again.

Aux Injection

You can send Talkback to individual monitor mixes or other Aux outputs (see right).

Talkback sends to Auxes are activated using the TB button in the Aux path's Fader/TB Quick Controls.

Note: Talkback sends to Auxes must also be switched on and turned up in the Aux Assign section of the Talkback channel.
By default, all of these sends are on and at 0dB. However, if you can't hear anything, check that these sends haven't been disabled.

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