Live has four matrix groups that feed 36 matrix output paths. This allows reduction in the number of visible crosspoints, focusing on relevant parts of the 'full matrix' rather than sifting through a large page of redundant controls. Matrix paths are mono.

To access, touch Matrix in the main screen menu.

Definition: A matrix provides the final stage of routing and control before signals leave the console. You might use a matrix to split off and configure separate mix sends to different locations, such as delayed speakers, camera crews, and recording devices.
Matrices may naturally be put to creative uses such as injecting signals into sends which you do not want to hear on the console. Inserts in the matrix paths allow introduction of effects (such as delays) to each specific output.

Use the Matrix section of the Console Configuration men to configure how many inputs and outputs each Matrix has.

Matrix Controls

Press Matrix ABC, or D on the right to choose which matrix is displayed.

Each row is one mono input, and each column is the mono summed output path:

If the matrix is larger than 8 x 12, the navigation arrows scroll to see the rest.

Input Routing

To route a signal to a matrix input:

Note: Multichannel signals must use two matrix inputs, routed as left and right signals.

The selected input will appear in the text box above the controls for each output column in the selected row.

Note: For more details on routing, see Tutorial: Routing.

Output Activation and Level Control

If Unlocked, touching In will activate that crosspoint; you can then drag the adjacent Gain encoder to alter the level.

If Locked, the crosspoints cannot be altered on screen, but will be available on the Fader Tile:

Note: This Quick Control operation requires Follow Detail mode to be active.
Touch the Follow Detail button (bottom right corner of the main screen) to toggle between Follow Channel (button inactive) and Follow Detail (button active).

The up/down selection arrows select which row of controls is assigned to the Quick Controls, and the left/right arrows select which crosspoint is assigned to the Focus Quick Control on the right of the main screen.

Matrix Output Routing

Matrix path faders allow for master level control before leaving the console. Matrix paths have all full path processing except dynamics, plus access to Eyeconix, naming, inserts, and output routing.

Matrix outputs are routed using the standard routing display accessed via Route Output in the Input/Routing detail dialogue:

Touch here to view more about matrices.

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