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Effects Racks

LIVE offers a wealth of signal processing in its six effects racks, which can be routed into the insert points of any path type. To open the effects rack page, touch Menu > Effects.

The six racks are displayed as columns. Each rack column has 16 module slots, four of which are visible at a time; swipe to scroll to higher slots.

All 96 slots are available for use in L500 and L500 Plus consoles. Up to 48 slots may be used in L200 and L300 consoles.

Each rack and slot has a number, for example 3-4 is rack 3 slot 4. Touch a slot to select it to the detail area:

To name a rack, double-tap the box in its header. These names will be displayed in the routing menus for easier identification.

Loading Effects Modules Into Racks

Any effect can occupy any slot, but we recommend you develop a workflow that gives each rack a common purpose, such as keep reverbs and delays in one rack, dynamics in another, and master processing in another, etc.

To add or change an effect slot:

Note: The slot label in the left of the detail dialogue may also be used to choose the effect.

Detail View

On the left is the rack and slot number, and user-defined name.

Cursor keys navigate to other racks and slots.

Meters on the right display the effect's input and output level.

Holding Reset FX resets back to default settings.

Press View and use the drop-down to choose whether you are viewing the global controls for all legs of a multi-channel effect (Master), or one of the individual components.

To enter a precise numerical value, first touch the parameter on-screen, then double-tap the numerical box below the meters.

If the DSP usage graphs (bottom left) are nearing 100%, you may want to reconfigure the slots to free up processing power. Or consider the processing that is built into all full path types!

Routing Effects to Path Inserts

You can route effects into path inserts using the path's channel view insert routing display, or via the effects menu:

Press & hold Route Return and select the Auto-route option to automatically route the return from the same effect as the send.

When a path's insert send and return have been routed to an effect, the effect will appear in the path's detail dialogue for that insert point, with full control provided via the channel view screen or the effect rack screen.

Effects Presets

Effects can have their settings stored as presets. Presets can be saved for individual effects or the entire rack.

Presets are loaded and saved in the same way as showfiles.

To access a preset, load an effect and then touch Preset in the bottom right of the detail dialogue.

To access the preset list for the entire rack, touch Racks Preset in the detail dialogue.

Touch here for more information on Effects Racks.
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