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Channel Detail

The channel detail dialogue is used for accessing in-depth path configuration.

The dialogue is specific to the path that has been selected (either with the tile Select button or by touching the path in the Channel View screen).

To open the detail dialogue, double-tap the quick display 'thumbnail' in the middle of the channel strip:

The detail dialogue opens in the page corresponding to the function currently visible in the quick display, e.g. EQ in the example below.

Elements may be adjusted by pressing or dragging the touchscreen. The operation of each page is described in the channel detail pages of the channel section of the operator's reference.

Note: In pages used for assigning the channel to mute groups, VCA's, or buses, the Lock button defines what happens when a selector is touched:
If locked, the selector is assigned to the Quick Controls.
If unlocked, the selector is assigned to the Quick Controls and toggled on/off.

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