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Automation allows you to store snapshots of the console's settings for recall later. These are called scenes and are stored within your showfile. Basic scene store and recall controls are found in the Master Tile hardware (shown below).

The Up and Down arrows scroll through scenes. The highlighted scene is shown in the adjacent LCD with dashes on either side.

Go fires the scene (making its settings active on the console). The active (fired) scene is shown in bold.
Note: The above behaviour assumes Concert mode. In Theatre mode, scenes fire as soon as they are scrolled to. Go duplicates the down arrow. These modes are explained in the main Automation Overview reference section.

New stores the current settings as a new scene.

A purple Store button indicates that the console settings are different than the scene settings.

Pressing Store will overwrite this active scene.

Undo Fire undoes an accidental scene fire.

Advanced automation features are available within the main Menu automation menu:

Each scene occupies a row and the blue selected scene's settings are displayed in the bottom half of the screen.

The active scene on the console is indicated in the green Go column.

The selected scene is the scene which is selected in preparation for firing and its settings can be edited in the lower half of the display.
The active scene is the scene which was fired most recently (even if the console settings have been altered since it was fired).

Advanced automation features, described in the main automation reference, include:

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