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XY Routing

The XY Routing page provides an XY routing interface for bulk routing paths and replaces the Fast Route setup page.

The XY routing page provides an overview of patch status and the ability to quickly route large and complex patch assignments.

Start by selecting the desired Source and Destination at the top left of the page. The Source will be listed on the y axis and the Destination on the x axis.

Tap in any crosspoint to create a pending route (cyan). To make the route press and hold Apply. If the device is online and locked, the route will go green. If the device is offline or not locked, the route will go red.

Multiple assignments can be made simultaneously by pressing and holding the first crosspoint, then touching the last cross point and then releasing both fingers. Alternatively, tap in the first crosspoint, then press and hold 1:1 From Selected. A series of 1:1 pending routes (cyan) will be displayed. To make the routes press and hold Apply.

To clear routes, tap on the crosspoints and they will grey out. Then press and hold Apply.

When an input or output is already routed to/from one location, the name on the axis will grey out. If an input is routed to multiple locations, the name on the axis will go orange.

If an input is already routed to one or more destinations, additional routes can be made from this input to more destinations

If an output is already routed to from another source, creating a new route to this output in XY Routing will overwrite the previous route. Overwriting routes can only be done from XY Routing. In the normal routing view, a route to an output must be unmade, before a route from a different source can be created.

Tap on the source/destination point on the axis to display the current route in the top left detail box.

There are navigation buttons to the right of the page that allow movement through large lists. Align Selected moves the grid so that the selected crosspoint is in the top left. Home returns the grid to the default position.

Use the Refresh I/O button to refresh the XY Routing page.

"A problem occurred while making routes"

If routes cannot be made, the following dialogue will appear

If this warning dialogue appears, some or all of your routes have not been made. A error message will appear in the top left corner of the screen to explain why the routes have not been made.

Close the warning dialogue by pressing the Ok button. Double tap on the error message in the top left corner of the screen to open the Status Messages.

You can double tap in the top left corner of the screen at any time to view past Status Messages.

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