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Remote Tile

The Remote Tile is a single Fader Tile of 12 faders that can be used as a remote surface for any SSL Live console. The Remote Tile functions exactly as the Fader Tiles on the console.

Up to 2 Remote Tiles can be connected to a console at one time.

Connecting a Remote Tile to the Console

The Remote Tile connects to the console via USB and contains its own internal power supply. Connect the Remote Tile to power, and connect the Remote Tile to the console using a USB A to B cable.

On the console go to MENU > Setup > System. Press and hold Rebuild Hardware Configuration. Reboot the console.

This will enable the console to be used with Remote Tiles. The Hardware Configuration only needs to be rebuilt once.

Choose which side of the console the Remote Tile is going to be located. On the back of the Remote Tile there is an encoder which allows you assign a location ID to the Remote Tile. To begin, turn the encoder all the way to the left. This is position 1.

If the Remote Tile is to the left of the console, choose position 1.

If the Remote Tile is to the right of the console, choose position 2. To do this, turn the encoder one click to the right.

Positions 3 and 4 are not in use.

Configuring Layers and Banks

Go to the Layer Manager and in the User Layers "Remote Fader Tile 1" (Left) and "Remote Fader Tile 2" (Right) have now been added to the list of available Fader Tiles. Configure Layers and Banks for the Remote Tile just as you would for the Fader Tiles on the console.

Using SOLSA with a Remote Tile

SOLSA can be used with a Remote Tile when running in offline or online mode.

To do this, follow the steps above in Connecting a Remote Tile to the Console. After using the Rebuild Hardware Configuration button, close SOLSA and reopen it. You do not need to reboot your computer.

When using the Remote Tile with SOLSA, "Remote Tile 1" (ie when the Remote Tile position encoder is set to position "1") can be used with Follow Detail.

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