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Remote Control from SOLSA PC software, other Consoles & Remote Expander

Up to two other remote console control surfaces or computers running SOLSA may be connected to the main console over an Ethernet network to share its audio processing capabilities. A remote control surface could be another Live console or a Remote Expander (see below for details).

Note: This feature increases the number of control surfaces able to control the audio processing; it does not increase the amount of audio processing available. Configuring a console as a Remote will disable its internal audio engine.
Remote Expander

Unlike other control surfaces in the Live range, the Remote Expander does not include any audio processing capability; it is purely a control surface for attaching to a Live console. The Remote Expander is available with either 24 or 36 faders, a main touch-screen and a VGA output for an external screen.

Follow the instructions in the Console and User Options section to connect your remote surface(s).

Once connected, settings from the main console can be copied to the remote surface using the Remote Sync buttons in the main console's Layer Manager (Menu > Setup > Layer Manager). One Remote Sync button is included for each remote surface connected to the main console. These buttons will be disabled during synchronisation; if sync'ing two remote surfaces wait for one to complete before starting the other. These settings will be stored in the main showfile independently of the main console's settings. Note that updating the main console's settings will not update the remote surfaces unless the relevant Sync button is pressed again.


Certain elements are always controlled in 'parallel' from the separate control surfaces. These include any functions that affect the processing of audio, such as Solo, Mutes, bus routing, automation changes etc.

Other items are independent for each surface. Fader Tile Layers and Banks can be configured independently for each surface. Brightness settings, External Screen selection, Mouse & Touch settings and all items in the Surface Options tab (Tile setup, Query and Follow modes) can also be configured independently. Pressing the Remote Sync button described above will copy the main console's settings to the remote surface.
Note that User keys can also be configured independently if connecting another console as a remote surface. However, these must be configured on the main console then sync'ed across to the remote using the Remote Sync button. The main console User keys can then be changed as desired.

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