System Introduction

These setup pages take you through configuring the console's foundational settings. The arrows at the top and bottom of these pages navigate in a logical sequence.

Important: We recommend that you complete the setup process before attempting to operate the console in a live environment.
You may find it helpful to run through the operator tutorial before delving into setup.

These setup pages assume you have completed the physical connections. Please refer to the install guide for assistance with physical interfacing.

Once the console is connected, the remaining stages of the set-up process are as follows:

Clocking & Sync

Ensuring your system is connected and clocked correctly for reliable operation.

I/O Setup

This is where physical IO can be checked, renamed, and configured. This info is saved with the showfile, so you can take your IO settings with you!


Showfiles store all of the user's settings. SSL Template Showfiles provide a starting point. Showfiles can be built offline with the SOLSA Windows app.

Console Configuration

This is where you define the number of paths in play in your showfile.

Layer Manager

The showfile physical fader layout on the Fader Tiles is designed here.

XY Routing

Bulk sequential routing can be done here for faster setup.

Console & User Options

These cover operationally-oriented settings. Operators should be familiar with these options, as they significantly change the behaviour of the console.

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