EQ: Channel Control Tile

LIVE console has four bands of EQ and two filter bands on every channel, with Basic EQ and filter control available in each channel strip. EQ controls can be assigned to the Channel Control Tile (to the right of the Main Screen) by pressing the EQ button in the EQ area beneath the Channel Control Tile Screen:

The 'Selected' channel is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll channels.

To switch the four EQ bands in or out, press the EQ IN button in the EQ area beneath the screen; To switch the filters in or out, touch the Filters IN button.

To reset the EQ bands or Filters, press & hold the appropriate IN button until it flashes.

The graph in the middle of the screen indicate the current EQ and filter settings.

You can use your finger to drag the nodes up or down to change their gain, and left or right to change the centre frequency. To change a band's Q setting, touch its node so that it lights, then use two fingers to squeeze or expand the line either side of it.

See the Tutorial: GUI Principles for more details about the graph display.

The encoders down each side of the screen are assigned to the frequency, Q and gain of the four EQ bands, as indicated in the screen area nearest to them; to change a band's EQ shape, press its Q encoder and cycle through the settings which appear below the Q value bar.

The filter frequencies are controlled at the bottom of the screen; touch the buttons above each frequency value bar to select the filter slope.

All on-screen buttons can be controlled by touching the screen.