Dynamics Quick Controls

Basic compression and gate control is available in each channel strip. Double-tapping in the Dynamics Quick Display opens the Dynamics Detail dialogue for advanced configuration.

To access the basic in-channel dynamics controls:

Basic dynamics controls will appear in the Quick Control Area.

Press the Fader Tile Encoder (or double-tap the Screen Encoder) to switch the controls between Compressor (green) and Gate (light green);

Switch the Compressor or Gate into circuit by pressing the In button;

Use the Lower Quick Controls to switch the Encoder's parameter between CT and CR (Compressor Threshold and Ratio), or GT and GR (Gate Threshold and Range);

Now drag/turn the Encoder to adjust the dynamics.

The Context display displays the current gate and compressor settings. A simplified version of this graph is also shown in the Compressor/Gate button-cap, which will stay visible when the Context Display isn't displaying dynamics.

The actual gain reduction action is shown in the COMP and GATE meters on the console surface, to the right of the channel's fader.

Double-tap in the graph area to open the expanded display, where you can edit more advanced dynamics parameters. (See Dynamics: Detail Dialogue)