In addition to the basic dynamics controls in the channel strip, advanced dynamics controls are available within the channel's Detail dialogue which can be opened by double-tapping in the channel's Quick Display.

The buttons down the left of the Window define which Detail page is displayed – if the dynamics page isn't already selected, touch the Comp Gate button to select it.

The Channel Scroller (near the top left corner) can be used to scroll the channel.

To switch the Compressor or Gate in or out, touch the Comp IN or Gate IN button (in the top-right of the dialogue) – each button 'lights' when its dynamics element is switched in.

You can drag the nodes within the graphs displayed using a finger.

When two nodes are on top of each other, double-tap them to switch which one is selected.

To change the compressor or gate Hold value, use two fingers to pinch the Comp Time or Gate Time graph.

To change the compressor or gate (expander mode only) knee value, use two fingers to pinch the CT or GT node in the main graph.

Display Options

The buttons above the left-hand graph define which parameters are displayed, summarised as follows:

The Dynamics Displays

See Tutorial: GUI Principles for details of the precise graphic display legend. In addition to what can be read there, note the following:

A 'traffic light' gate meter is shown in the top-left of the graph whenever the gate is active: Red means signal is not being passed, green means that the gate is open, and amber means the gate is at the threshold level.

The basic routing of the module is mapped in the Setup dialogues for each dynamics module; each element shown can be activated by touching it, and goes green to indicate that it is active.

Hardware Button Assignments

The Quick Controls beneath the screen can also be assigned to the Detail dialogue parameters. This requires the Follow Detail button (bottom right corner of the Main Screen) to be activated. Touch the button to toggle between:

Follow Channel (button inactive); the Quick Controls below the screen follow the selected function, as per the Quick Controls on the other Fader Tiles.

Follow Detail (button active); the Quick Controls below the screen are assigned to different functions for the selected channel. Only applicable when the Detail page is open. The Quick Controls on other Fader Tiles are unaffected.

The labels across the bottom of the Detail dialogue indicate the functions assigned to the Quick Controls directly beneath them. As a general rule only one function is assigned to each Channel's Quick Controls. Switch functions are assigned to the Upper Quick Key (which will be lit if available) and continuous parameters are assigned to the Encoder.

Compressor Gain

To adjust the compressor's make-up gain manually, ensure the Compressor is active in the dialogue, and drag the COMP slider (in the middle of the dialogue) up and down. You will see the left-hand graph change to reflect the gain introduced.

You can also allow the console to set the make-up gain automatically: Touch the Auto Gain button (above the COMP slider) – it will 'light' to indicate that it is active, and the slider will be deactivated.


The gate and compressor both have side-chains with filters and external input routing.

To insert high- and low- pass filters into the Compressor and/or Gate side-chains:

Touch the Filters button within the Compressor or Gate Setup display – it will 'light' to indicate that it is active;

Touch the Comp Filters or Gate Filters button above the left-hand graph – a frequency graph with HPF and LPF nodes will appear.

Drag the nodes to change the -3dB points of each filter.

To route a different signal to the Compressor or Gate side-chain, touch the Comp Key Route or Gate Key Route button (to the right of the right-hand graphs) and locate the signal using the standard routing display which appears. (See Tutorial: Routing for instructions regarding the Routing displays.)

Now touch the Ext Key button in the Compressor or Gate Setup display to activate the external side-chain – it will 'light' to indicate that it is active.

To listen to the Compressor or Gate side-chain, touch the Comp Key Solo or Gate Key Solo button (above the right-hand graphs).

Note: The Key Listen Solo signals are routed to the Solo bus(es) specified under the channel's Misc Solo setting; see Solos Operation for details.

Tube Emulation

You can introduce tube compressor emulation into the compression circuit:

Touch the Tube button within the Compressor Setup display – it will 'light' to indicate that it is active.

Expander Mode

The Gate can be switched into Expander mode by touching the Exp button in the Gate setup display.


To load a dynamics Preset for the channel, touch the Preset button (bottom-right of the dialogue) and select a preset using the standard LIVE Preset dialogue which appears.

Resetting dynamics values

To reset the compressor or gate to 1:1, press & hold the Comp IN or Gate IN button (in the Detail dialogue) and select the Reset option from the drop-down list that appears.