Dynamics: Channel Control Tile

Dynamics controls can be assigned to the Channel Control Tile (to the right of the Main Screen) by pressing the DYN button in the Dynamics area beneath the Channel Control Tile Screen:

The 'Selected' channel is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll channels.

To switch the Compressor or Gate in or out, press the Comp or Gate IN button in the Dynamics area beneath the screen.

To reset the Compressor or Gate, press & hold the appropriate IN button until it flashes.

The graphs in the middle of the screen indicate the current dynamics settings. You can change the threshold and range/ratio by dragging the nodes with your finger. See Tutorial: GUI Principles for details about the graph displays.

All on-screen buttons can be controlled by touching the screen.

The encoders around the screen are assigned to the functions in the screen area nearest to them, with the compressor controls down the left and the gate controls down the right.

Switches are operated by pressing the encoder, and continuous parameters are changed by turning the encoder.

Compressor Auto Gain

You can allow the console to set the make-up gain automatically by touching the Auto Gain button (towards the bottom of the screen); the Makeup Gain encoder beneath it will be deactivated.

Side-chain Filters and Solo

Hi- and Lo-pass filters are available for both the Compressor and Gate side-chains.

Filter controls are located at the base of the screen. The bottom left encoder controls the Compressor filter frequencies. The bottom right encoder controls the Gate filter frequencies. Press the encoders to toggle between HPF and LPF control. Press the relevant Filters button to activate them.

To listen to the Compressor or Gate side-chain (Key Listen), press the Comp or Gate Solo button in the Dynamics area of the Channel Control Tile. A short press of the button will latch the solo on/off. Pressing and holding the button will automatically clear the solo when the button is released.

Note: The Key Listen Solo signals are routed to the Solo bus(es) specified under the channel's Misc Solo setting; see Solos Operation for details. Note: External keys can be routed into the compressor and gate from within the Dynamics Detail dialogue: see Channel Dynamics: Detail Dialogue for details.

Tube Emulation

You can introduce tube compressor emulation into the compression circuit by pressing the Tube button in the Dynamics area of the Channel Control Tile.

Expander Mode

The Gate can be switched into Expander mode by touching the Exp button in the Dynamics area of the Channel Control Tile.

Note: Some more advanced controls are available via the Dynamics Detail dialogue. These include Compressor/Gate reset, Peak/RMS mode, External Key activation and routing, and presets.