All-pass Filter Quick Controls

To access the basic in-channel All Pass controls:

The channel Quick Controls cycle between Delay and All Pass filter controls – press the Fader Tile Encoder (or double-tap the on-screen Encoder) to switch to the correct display.

In the All Pass display, switch the filter into circuit by pressing the In button.

The Lower Quick Keys (Freq and Ø) define the parameter assigned to the Quick Encoder; if neither is selected, the Encoder controls the filter's Q.

All Pass Detail Display

Double-tap in the channel Context display to open the Delay All Pass Detail dialogue, where you can edit more advances filter parameters.

The buttons down the left of the Window define which Detail page is displayed – if the Delay and All Pass page isn't already selected, touch the Delay Allpass button to select it. The All Pass filter is shown in the bottom half of the dialogue.

The Channel Scroller (near the top left corner) can be used to scroll the Channel.

To switch the filter in or out, touch the All Pass IN button (in the top-right of the dialogue) – the button goes blue when it is switched in.

Define the filter type using the 2nd Order and All Pass Ø buttons.

You can drag the AllP node within the graph using a finger or the mouse button.

To change the Q (when in 2nd order), use two fingers and draw them together or apart.

The filter's Q and centre frequency are shown in the top left of the graph.

To reset the filter to its default values, press & hold the All Pass IN button (in the Detail dialogue) and select the Reset option from the drop-down list that appears.

To close the Detail dialogue, touch the Close button in the top right-hand corner.

Hardware Button Assignments

The Quick Controls beneath the screen can also be assigned to the Detail dialogue parameters. This requires the Follow Detail button (bottom right corner of the Main Screen) to be activated. Touch the button to toggle between:

Follow Channel (button inactive); the Quick Controls below the screen follow the selected function, as per the Quick Controls on the other Fader Tiles.

Follow Detail (button active); the Quick Controls below the screen are assigned to different functions for the selected channel. Only applicable when the Detail page is open. The Quick Controls on other Fader Tiles are unaffected.

The labels across the bottom of the Detail dialogue indicate the functions assigned to the Quick Controls directly beneath them. As a general rule only one function is assigned to each Channel's Quick Controls. Switch functions are assigned to the Upper Quick Key (which will be lit if available) and continuous parameters are assigned to the Encoder.