Allpass filter controls can be assigned to the Channel Control Tile by pressing the Time button above the Channel Control Tile Screen:
The 'Selected' channel is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll channels.

To switch the allpass filter in or out, press the AllPass IN button in the Time area above the screen.

To reset the allpass filter, press and hold the IN button until it flashes.

Filter controls are assigned to the bottom half of the screen, with Delay controls assigned to the top half.

Encoders to the left of the All-Pass Filter graph can be used to change the filter frequency and Q, as indicated by the value bars adjacent to them inside the screen.
You can also drag the AllP node left or right to change the centre frequency.

Buttons in the bottom left corner allow you to change the order and phase of the filter.