Output Paths Overview

Stems, Auxes, Masters, Matrices, Solo, and Talkback are all output bus paths. These paths contain the same full processing and routing functionality found in Channel paths.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the channel path help menus before proceeding to these output and comms menus.

The following help menus describe the ways in which the output path type differs from a channel path.

Note: Output paths have no direct physical input routing capability, by nature of being sends and buses, they are sent from other path types, not routed into.
Their Input/Routing detail view will only give access to the Pre Trim Solo, Polarity and digital Trim controls (all of which act on the entire input to each output bus).
The Route Output button is also located here for routing to the outside world.
Note: Default colours are shown. Path colours are user-definable.

The graphic below illustrates the structure for which each of the main path types has been designed, though of course LIVE's versatile routing structure provides a high level of freedom in using them the way you want.

Touch the links below to go directly to the page for a specific output channel type:

Stem Channels
Auxiliary Channels
Master Channels
Bus Query
Solo Output Channels