Copying Send Mixes

You may recreate a particular Stem, Aux, or Master mix onto another Stem, Aux, or Master bus using Channel View Bus Copy.

  1. Select the bus path strip to be copied from.
  2. Touch Copy to reveal the copy window. The path to copy from will be indicated in green.
  3. Touch Bus Copy.
  4. Select which path types to copy. Use Set All and Toggle for even faster selection manipulation.
  5. Now select the paths to paste to. They will be indicated in purple.
  6. Now press and hold Apply.
  7. To finish, press the Copy again to close the window and clear the selection.
Notes: Only paths that can contribute to the source path will be available in bus copy (for example, Auxes do not source to Stems).

Bus Copy can be used to copy between bus types, e.g. to copy an Aux mix to a Stem.

Beware: There is no way to recover settings overwritten during a copy process other than recalling them from a previously saved scene or showfile.