VCA Grouping

VCAs allow output levels of a number of channels to be controlled from a single Control Fader.

VCA fader strips appear on the control surface just like channels of any other type – as VCA channels don't pass any actual audio, their channel strips are significantly simpler than for audio channels, as are their Detail and Channel Control displays. The VCA fader and Mute button control the fader and mute functions of all channels assigned to it.

Note: Moving the VCA fader will not cause the assigned channel's faders to move, but you will see the fader gain label on those channels change in relation to the VCA value.

Pressing a VCA's Solo button will solo all channels controlled by that VCA, as if each individual channel's Solo button had been pressed.

In place of the meter area towards the top of the channel strip, there is a display of all channels which are included within that VCA, listed by Channel Type. Double-tapping in this area will expand the display area.

The MG Assign button is available, allowing the VCA to be included in Mute Groups in the normal way. The Fader Assign button is also available.

Double-tapping the Context Area brings up a Detail dialogue where its name, colour and Eyeconix can be set.

Note: Channels can be excluded from VCA Mute control using their Mute Safe function. See Mutes and Mute Groups for details.