Channel Sends & Bussing

Control of channel sends to Stems and Auxes, and bussing to Masters, is available via the Channel Control Tile to the right of the main screen:

Press the Aux, Stem or Master button above the Channel Control Tile Screen:

The 'Selected' channel is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll channels.

The page and parameter buttons in the middle of the screen define what is assigned to the encoders down either side.

Buttons which are available are shown with blue labelling; buttons which aren't relevant are shown with grey labelling; the active buttons are lit blue.

Select which page of twelve sends is active using the page buttons towards the right;

Select which parameter is assigned to the rotary encoders using the Parameter buttons towards the left.

The parameters which are available will depend on the formats of the channel and bus in question.

The rotary encoders down either side of the screen can then be used to alter the selected parameter for the bus indicated in the screen area nearest to them. Sends can be switched on and off by pressing on the relevant encoder.

All on-screen buttons can also be controlled by touching the screen.