Tile Quick Control Pan

Basic pan control is available in each channel strip. To access the basic in-channel pan controls, select the Pan Assign button:

You can also scroll the Assign functions using the Quick Scroller to the right of the Fader Tile Quick Controls – the current function is shown in its Label Screen, as well as by the appropriate button being lit in the Channel View channel strip.

Tip: Press & hold the down arrow button to jump to the Pan section.

Basic pan controls will appear in the Quick Control Area.

The Context display shows the current pan position. A simplified version of this graph is also shown in the Pan Assign button-cap, which will stay visible when the Quick Display isn't showing pan information.

The Quick Control buttons define the parameter assigned to the Encoder: Pan position, Width, or Divergence.

Press the Quick Control encoder on the Fader Tile (or double-tap the on-screen encoder) to access the surround pan controls; Front/Rear Pan, Depth, and LFE Gain.

The parameters available depends on the formats of the channel and the bus being routed to.

To pan a stereo channel you must first reduce the Width of the signal in order to pan around the stereo space.

To pan a channel front/back you must first reduce the Depth of the signal.

Double-tap in the graph area to open the Panner Detail dialogue.

(See Panning: Channel Detail)