A path can be muted in the following ways:

The Mute Group Master buttons can also be accessed from the Channel Control Tile:

Press the Home button on the Channel Control Tile then select the Mute Groups option from the Home screen.

Use the on-screen buttons or press the rotary encoders adjacent to the on-screen buttons to toggle the Mute Groups on and off.

Channel Detail Mute Grouping

An expanded version of the Mute Group Quick Controls is available in the MG + VCA Detail page, opened by double-tapping the Quick Display while the MG or VCA Assign button is active:

A page similar to the below will open:

If the Lock button (in the right side of the page) is active, touch the Selector for the required Mute Group, then switch the channel into or out of the group using the Upper Quick Key below the MG On label at the base of the screen.

If Lock is inactive, simply press the Mute Group Selector to add or remove the channel.

Channel Control Tile Mute Grouping

The Channel Control Tile can also be used to edit Mute Group assignments for a channel:

Press the VCA / MG button above the Channel Screen to assign it to the controls:

The 'Selected' channel is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll channels.

The Mute Group Selectors are shown down the left side of the screen.

To assign the current channel to a Mute Group, ensure that the Lock button above them is inactive, then simply touch the Selector for the required Mute Group.

If lock is active, you will not be able to edit the screen's contents.

For example, you might want to use a Safe Mute (where the channel can only be unmuted manually) if a mic fails when there is no back-up ready; you might want to use a Safe Unmute (where the channel can only be muted manually) if a mic ends up being used in a performance in a way which wasn't planned.

The Mute Safe function can be enabled using the Quick Control, Channel Detail or Channel Control Tile MG pages, as described above.