Path signal processing, bus, and pan settings can be copied between paths using the Copy button in the right edge of the Channel View screen.

The copy function can be used to copy complete channels or individual channel components (including each component of signal processing and panning).

First tap the copy from channel on the screen, or by using the SELECT buttons on the Fader Tiles. Then tap Copy to open the Copy window.

The path to copy from has been indicated in green.

Select the parameters to copy from the list. You can also Set All parameters, and Toggle them on and off.

Now select the paths to paste to - either on the screen or using the SELECT buttons on the Fader Tiles. These paste to paths have been indicated in purple.

Then press and hold Apply.

To finish, press the Copy again to close the window and clear the selection.

Tip: Use Range Select for a quick copy to multiple paths. Hold down the SELECT button of the first path, then tap the SELECT button of the last path in the range. Now release both buttons. This can also be done across neighbouring Fader Tiles.

The following components can be copied individually:

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