Channel Control Tile

Channel path input controls are available via the Channel Control Tile to the right of the Main Screen.

Press the Input button beneath the console logo to assign Input functions to the Channel Control Tile Screen:

The 'Selected' path is shown at the top of the screen; the Prev and Next arrow buttons either side of it can be used to scroll through channels sequentially.

The encoders around the screen are assigned to the functions in the screen area nearest to them.

Switches/buttons are operated by pressing the encoder. Continuous parameters are changed by turning the encoder.

The LED next to each encoder is lit whenever the encoder is assigned to any on-screen parameters. If the encoder is only assigned to a switch, the LED colour also indicates the state of the switch.

All on-screen buttons can also be controlled by touching the screen.

Each Channel has two inputs; to switch between them, press & hold the Input A or Input B button in the top left and right corners. The active input is lit blue.

The rest of the screen features the same controls as the main screen Detail View; +48V phantom power, High Gain Sensitivity, Pad, analogue HPF, Polarity, Balance and Mono Sum controls. Any controls which aren't relevant for the input type will be inactive.

You can adjust the analogue gain on the pre-amp (Gain) and introduce a digital signal trim (Trim) using the encoders beneath the screen. The Pre Trim Solo buttons allow you to listen to the pre-trim signal.

Gain Sharing

Channel Control Tile: Hardware Controls

The controls around the Input button beneath the console logo provide access to essential input elements, and these remain active regardless of whether Input functions are assigned to the Channel Control Tile screen.

These include: